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Baby Box Studio




Welcome to Baby Box Studio.  The first at-home green screen studio plus app to easily take stunning photos of your baby in the comfort of your home using your phone.  Yes, anyone can do it! You don't need any professional equipment.  Just a smart phone, your baby and Baby Box Studio. Makes the PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT!

You simply buy the Baby Box Studio kit, easily set it up in your home, snap a photo of your baby and watch the magic happen in our app!  The green background disappears and your baby will look like they were photographed in a professional studio with elaborate and gorgeous backgrounds. You can choose from  up to 80 backgrounds.

Yes, we made it that easy!  What's even more exciting, is that you can use it for the entire first year of your baby's precious life.  From Newborn to Tummy-time and 1st Birthday backgrounds, you are guaranteed to have beautiful photos of your baby to remember this time forever.

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