Using the App

Watch a video here

1. Download and open the App

2. Load a picture & choose a background



3. Use the Edit Tools

Check out our editing tools below to see how they work  


Use the Scale tool to change the size of your baby (either bigger or smaller). Make sure FOREGROUND is selected at the top. You can also use this tool to position the baby in the background. 

Click here to watch it in our tutorial.



Use the BLACK slider to remove any black areas or dark shadowing around the baby. Use the GREEN slider to remover any green tinting or "halo" around the baby. 

Click here to watch it in our tutorial.



Use the Bright tool to brighten the FOREGROUND and/or BACKGROUND.  Brightening or darkening the foreground and background will help blend the photo of the baby and the background so the photo looks more natural.

Click here to watch it in our tutorial.



Use this tool if you have something in your photo that you would like to erase. You can ZOOM and PAN in to see closer. If you ERASE too much, you can click RESTORE to bring it back.

Click here to watch it in our tutorial.



After you've finished editing your image go to the HOME screen and hit the SAVE  IMAGE button to save it to your camera roll. Now you are ready to PRINT & SHARE the beautiful photographs of your baby!