Now that you've snapped a cute pic: its time to upload it to the Baby Box Studio app! Don't worry; we've got you covered! To help you through, please review each section below to get started creating beautiful portraits.


1. Select "Photo" to upload a picture from your camera roll or "Take Photo" to open your phone camera to take a new picture.

2. Select "Background" to choose from our "Studio Setup" or "Virtual Setup" background collections. *Understanding the difference between "Studio Set Up" and Virtual Set Up is very important because it will affect which digital background you should choose in the app. The collections are labelled accordingly.                

3. Position your baby on the chosen background and select the edit tools at the bottom of the app to finish your image.

4. Select "Save Image" to save your picture to your camera roll after editing




We’ve made it easy to edit your photos — right in the app. You can brighten, adjust the color and even add effects to make your photo the very best it can be. Upload your image and don’t be scared to play around. You’ll be a pro in no time!



 (hint: use "Remove to eliminate any green or black shadows)


Our app also has some very intuitive editing tools that can help correct problems you might have with your photo.  For example, is the baby too bright for the background you chose and they don't seem to balance?  Try using the BRIGHTNESS tool to darken the foreground or brighten the background so they blend better. 

A great trick...

After you save your final image to you camera roll - use you smart phone editor to apply a filter over the entire image. Most smart phones have some simple filters in the camera editor.  We find that it helps blend all the colors together of the baby and the background to look a like finished photograph.