Tummy-time is an absolutely adorable milestone to photograph! Your baby reaches this stage when they're strong enough to hold their head up independently. Our green posing pillow is perfect to help support them.
Most important to note.. 
1. Use the posing pillow and the white cover blanket to start. You can "graduate" to just the green posing pillow and our "virtual scenes backgrounds" when you get used to the app and posing.  
2. Use a toy or fun noises to get their attention so they can move their head to camera or give you a nice big smile!
3. Choose backgrounds from the folder of the photo with the white blanket called PORTRAIT BACKDROPS. If you photograph your baby tummytime on just the green pillow, then choose that folder for VIRTUAL SCENES.
It's important to note that not all babies love tummy-time. And that's ok! If your baby is not able to hold their head up for very long, they might not be fully ready for a tummy-time photoshoot. So don't stress it! Just pose them on their back for now like this.
If your baby is ready for tummy time and loves it, then go for it!
1) You can pose them sideways in the studio like this to see more of their body. Our posing pillow separates into two pieces and for this pose, you would use only one section of the pillow to support them under their chest and arms.
2) Or, you can pose them more forward with their feet to the back of the studio.  Again, we only used one section of the posing pillow under the white blanket for support.  
Now your baby is ready for the spotlight!