There is absolutely nothing cuter than when a baby is so proud of themselves for sitting up all on their own!  It's such major milestone and this is the time you can let their personality shine when photographing them in Baby Box Studio.  




1) Simply set up the studio with the green floor and green background. No need for the posing pillow or blanket here.


        Crop the photo in your camera editor to crop out the room around you.



1.Upload your photo into our app

2. Choose from the folder with just the green studio and green posing pillow

There are 2 folders you can choose for SITTING UP.  

The first SITTING UP folder has backgrounds where you can put the baby "into" something like a bucket, airplane or suitcase. Watch their legs magically disappear as if they are really inside something.  Like this..


The second folder you can choose is called SITTING UP BACKDROPS.  These are wood floor and backgrounds so you can see the whole baby.  These are great if you want to show their whole outfit or toes! 


We encourage parents to get creative here and bring in props that you already have.  Do they have a favorite book?  Or even a little toy bear?  Try bringing in those mementos so you can have beautiful photos to remind of this most precious time!