How it all began


Meet Mary Jane.  As a mom and professional baby photographer of over 17 years, Mary Jane believes that all parents deserve beautiful and brag-worthy images of their newborn.  Knowing firsthand that scheduling a professional photography session can be stressful and expensive — with no guarantee your baby will cooperate -she knew there had to be an easy and stress free way for parents to take beautiful photos of their baby at home without expensive equipment.
As the technology of cameras on smart phones continue to excel, Mary Jane saw an opportunity to bring the tricks of the trade successfully photographing babies into the hands of the everyday parent. 
Baby Box Studio was born to provide every parent with the tools to photograph their newborn simply and easily at home. The mini studio comes with everything you need to dress, pose and photograph your baby to capture picture-perfect images every time. Our easy-to-use app works seamlessly with our the mini-studio to easily create beautiful portraits, fun holiday scenes and whimsical wonderlands.
We know you will have a blast photographing your baby like the pros!  Don't forget to brag with us @shopbabyboxstudio!
With Baby Box Studio, all parents need is a smart phone, Baby Box Studio and of course, a baby!