We highly recommend starting out using the STUDIO SETUP with your baby on the white cover blanket (as shown below).  

This is a great way to easily try out the different ways to photograph your baby and learn about which backgrounds work with the different studio set ups. 


There are 2 ways to set up the studio










For this set up you will dress and pose your baby to be placed in the center of the white posing blanket. The only green you should see is the green background panel behind the baby. What does this mean? Simply put, in the final photograph, you will still see the white posing blanket and only the green background will be changed in the app.  



While set up on the white blanket, it's super fun to take different angles, closeups and full body photographs of your baby with your smart phone.  Don't be afraid to "snap away"!

Just like a photographer would in a professional studio, move around the baby from different angles and different heights.  Why not come from up above or even just straight on.  Try a little of everything. And don't forget those big eyes, smiles and toes!


What's wonderful about the set up with the WHITE BLANKET is that you have the creative leeway to photograph from different angles and closeups. You CANNOT do this with the ALL GREEN set up.  I will explain that next.

Now, pick your background and for this series.  I am going to use the same background for each shot.  That way, they look like they were done in a real photo studio and you can frame them all together.  But have fun experimenting which backgrounds look good together. You can change your mind any time you like!



                                2) VIRTUAL SET UP (No white cover blanket)

In this set up, you can really have some fun with the background choices.  But, how you photograph the baby needs to be pretty specific or the backgrounds won't work.  

#1) Photograph the ENTIRE baby. Don't do closeups for this, crop out fingers or toes.  Because you "transporting" your entire baby into a photographer's studio world and placing the baby onto a bed, a swing, or even a moon or boat... it's very important that the ENTIRE baby's body is photographed in your phone.  

Let's go over the 2 different ways you can photograph your baby using THE ALL GREEN SET UP



Here you will dress and post your baby onto the green posing pillow.  You will hold your phone at baby's level straight on.  Do not come from up above for this.  Our backgrounds work for the baby to be placed onto a bed, swing, etc. holding your camera straight on.  Just like this...


You can see the screen of the phone is level with the baby.  Also, you can see that there is only green around the baby in the phone.  Do not go outside the green of the studio for this.  

Once you get the shot, you can choose a background from the folders in the app titled NEWBORN VIRTUAL STRAIGHT ON.  These are the backgrounds that will match this set up. Here is an example of this baby on the moon.


The second way you can photograph your newborn using THE ALL GREEN set up is from up above.  In this set up, you take both green boards, lay them side by side and place the green posing pillow in the center. 


Hold your phone over the baby (in the portrait mode if you have it) and make sure the entire baby is in your phone screen.  Do not crop out any of the baby.  

After you get the shot, choose backgrounds that work with this set up in the app titled VIRTUAL UP ABOVE


Here is a before and after image