Posing Your Baby

Capture Each Milestones in Your Baby's First Year




You don’t need to tell us that you just had the most beautiful baby in the world! Click our NEWBORN page for a more detailed ways to pose and photograph your newborn perfectly!
Is there anymore more precious than how proud a baby is of themselves when they are able to hold their head up for the first time!  Tummy time is so cute... but it’s also not for every baby! That’s ok. You can still photograph your baby during this stage beautifully!  Click our TUMMYTIME page for more detailed information. 




You made it! Your baby is sitting up, grabbing things and probably getting ready to pull themselves up! What a fun time to add a favorite toy or blankie to your photoshoot! Have fun with this bc before you know it... they are off and running! Check out our SITTING UP page for more information.