With BABY BOX doesn't have to be complicated!

Smart phone technology gets better ever year and the camera quality in particular has soared lately in terms of light sensitivity and quality of images. The Baby Box Studio APP is designed specifically to work with the technology already in your camera!  So you don't have to over think this.  But, here are a few things to help you get the best shot.


1) Natural light is best!  If you can, set up the studio on the floor near a natural light source.  If you have a glass door or window, use that and set up the studio with that source to your back as you set it up. This way the light will be hitting INTO the studio, NOT BEHIND it.

2) If your baby is in the PERFECT sleepy position and it happens to be dark out, don't worry!  Simply put the flash on your camera and take the photo that way.  Get the shot and you can edit it later in the app.

3) If your natural light source is limited, put on any available lighting you have in your house or even move a light source close the studio.  When you hold your camera phone up to the studio,  you can see right in the phone if it is too dark or too light. Most phones have an adjustment slider to balance this.