So you're not a professional photographer... we get it.  But, you don't have to be when you have Baby Box Studio. With a little help from us and the smartphone technology already in your phone... this is a no-brainer!

There are two different angles to hold your phone when photographing your baby that work perfectly with our backgrounds in the app. We recommend putting your phone on portrait mode if you have it.  If not, that's ok.


Whether your baby is NEWBORN, or ready for TUMMY TIME and SITTING UP poses, we have backgrounds that work perfectly when you photograph your baby STRAIGHT-ON. For more detailed ways to photograph your baby depending on their development stage, visit our POSING section.



Many babies do not like to be on their side or tummies and prefer their backs.  You can photograph your baby from overhead and still get really beautiful results. Shooting from overhead can be done with the baby posed on the white blanket.... or directly on the green pillow to "transport" the baby in to a VIRTUAL Studio world.