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When is the best time to take NEWBORN pictures?

The best time to take newborn pictures is during their first two weeks of life. This is when they sleep a ton and are easiest to pose. 

How do I pose my newborn?

Our custom posing pillow makes it easy to pose your baby in a sweet little position safely. For detailed instructions visit our POSING page and check out our TUTORIALS for tips and tricks on posing your baby successfully.

How long can I use the mini-studio?

As long as the baby fits! Baby Box Studio is designed to photograph your baby for the most important MILESTONES in your baby's first year - NEWBORN, TUMMY-TIME and SITTING-UP.  The best part about using Baby Box Studio is that you can take photos daily, monthly or just the milestones... it's up to you!

Can I use the box if I'm not a professional photographer?

Of course! Baby Box Studio was created specifically for the non-professional photographer. No professional equipment or lighting required. Everything in this box was curated by a professional newborn photographer to make it as easy as possible for you to create beautiful baby portraits at home.  

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free with a purchase of the Baby Box Studio mini studio.  You will receive a QR code to unlock the app with your Baby Box Studio delivery. 

Can I clean the mini-studio panels?

Yes, you can wipe them down with a lightly damp sponge or cloth. 

Can I wash the posing blanket and outfit?

Yes, you can wash the on a gentle cycle and air dry flat.

How do I load my baby picture to the app?

Open the app on your phone and click the Load button to access your camera roll, then select the picture you want to use.

Why are the backgrounds not loading?

A weak connection or signal may cause a delay. If your connection is strong and they are not loading, pease contact us at contact@babyboxstudio.com.

How do I get rid of green and black spots or tint in my picture? 

Use the sliders in the edit tool titled "Remove" to eliminate any unwanted green and black coloring.

How do I save my the picture from when I'm done editing?

Your picture will save to your camera roll when you hit the Save Image button on the Home Screen.