Our custom created backgrounds are free when you purchase our MINI STUDIOEach background in our app is designed to work perfectly with our green screen technology so you can easily create adorable baby pictures using your phone.

We are always creating new and unique backgrounds for both the portrait and virtual setups to keep giving you it fun and adorable options.



Our VIRTUAL BACKGROUNDS are a perfect blending of beauty and technology.  These aren’t just 'backgrounds' they are ART!  With these backgrounds you can transport your baby into one of our custom designed studio scenes! So, whether you are going to 'carefully' place your sleeping baby onto a moon or nestle her into a comfy basket... we can assure you that it... Read more


Our sitting up backgrounds are simply magical.  When you photograph your baby in the mini studio sitting up (with the green backboard and the green floor board), you can use the VIRTUAL SITTING UP backgrounds.  These backgrounds will look like your baby is in a basket or suitcase and looks... Read more


The hand painted look of our SOLID BACKGROUNDS are designed with purpose and love. The simplicity of these backgrounds are anything but! The layering of texture and light, helps bring a 3D and realistic quality to your baby’s image.  These backgrounds are timeless and a perfect way to complete any baby portrait. This is only a fraction of what we... Read more


Our NATURAL BACKGROUNDS are a wonderful way to bring some interest to a photograph without taking away the spotlight of your beautiful baby.  We have a wonderful variety of flowers, wood tones and nature scenes.    Read more


Have fun showing off your new bundle of joy with some fun and whimsical backgrounds.  Our talented artists work thoughtfully to create whimsical backgrounds that will always allow you to remember how you felt about your baby when they were so little! The time passes quickly, don't forget to cherish these memories beautifully. This is only a fraction of what... Read more


There's an athlete in all of us and who doesn't want to let that inner sport's fan shine in a photo of your new baby? From football, soccer to tennis... Baby Box Studio artists are here to create fun and adorable sports backgrounds to show off your champion to the world! This is only a fraction of what we offer... Read more


Is there anything more special than celebrating your baby’s first holidays?  Whether your baby is in Santa’s workshop, hanging out with the Easter Bunny or just sleeping warmly near a wintry window... why not make sure you have beautiful memories of every single one of them. This is only a fraction of what we offer and backgrounds change regularly. All... Read more