Meet adorable Raymond, "Baby of the Month" (JUNE)

Meet adorable Raymond, "Baby of the Month" (JUNE)

We're so excited to introduce Raymond Bastian (middle name in honor mom’s little brother who tragically passed away).

Mom and Dad of baby Ray are keen to mention that their first baby was a pitbull named Panda. We're definitely animal lovers over here at BBS, so we know first hand that your pet is your baby too!  

This gorgeous family currently resides in our very own Borough of The Bronx (give it up!) and these proud new parents dressed, styled and photographed baby Ray so perfectly in Baby Box Studio!  We especially loved how they added their own flair by bringing in props to “get the shot." We give them 5 stars!

We can’t wait to see Raymond grow! With Baby Box Studio this beautiful family can photograph Raymond through all of the stages of his first year-- newborn, tummy time and sitting up.

Thank you for sharing your precious baby with us! 


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Beautiful baby , beautiful job .

Paola Zangrilli

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