Play photographer this year for your Spring/Easter photos

Play photographer this year for your Spring/Easter photos

As a professional photographer with a studio, my favorite time of year to create photoshoots has always been for Easter/Spring. There is nothing cuter than a 6 month old all dressed up in their ‘Sunday’s best’ sitting in front of an adorable background with live baby chicks hopping around their joyful eyes and curious hands. 

As with so many other activities, annual traditions and simple joys in life - Covid took away the joys of my bustling studio with creative and beautiful sets ready for proud families to come for the ‘big day’. Even though the idea of Baby Box Studio was not conceived bc of Covid - boy, does Baby Box Studio come in handy during!

Using my 25 years of experience photographing babies, we at Baby Box Studio have carefully designed our backgrounds and outfits, to not only make it easy for you to photograph your baby, but also (and most importantly), that it looks beautiful and real.  We pride ourselves in continually creating a diverse collection of backgrounds help celebrate everyones tastes and traditions and are always open to suggestions from our clients on what we can add.

Using our mini studio is so easy and now anyone can “play photographer” in the comfort and safety of their home using their phone.  And yes, the final image, will look like you paid a professional studio for your annual Easter & Spring photos this year!

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