Maxwell is our “September Baby of The Month

Maxwell is our “September Baby of The Month

After Maxwell’s mom wrote a raving review of Baby Box Studio on Facebook - we took notice!

“I just ordered this after my son was born. I was late in the photo game so I was worried I had missed the sweet newborn photo phase. Amazingly, I received my order next day! Setup is super easy, and the backgrounds on the app are so cute! I've taken so many beautiful pictures! I'm so happy I can take these at my own pace when he's ready and not worry about the cost at a photographer just to find out he doesn't want to cooperate. So happy I found this and would highly recommend to any soon to be or new mom!”

And then, we saw the photos she took of Maxwell, and it sealed the deal with us!  Look at that smile on him! Mom’s love for Baby Box Studio and the passion she put into taking gorgeous photos of her adorable baby is why Maxwell is our “September Baby of the Month”!  Keep the photos coming mom as we are all waiting to see Maxwell grow!  Don’t forget to take portraits of his next important milestone: tummytime, sitting up and first birthday! We can’t wait!

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